Aussie TV

I’ll admit it: I’m spoiled by American media.  Everything is so well-polished, well-produced, and well-marketed.  Our everyday television commercials resemble short films rather than 30-second ads.  We brand products, businesses, and services so well that you are actually captivated and entertained by almost any company trying to grab your attention.

So you can imagine my surprise when I caught my first glimpse of Australian television.  Here I was, expecting at least some level of entertainment equivalent to that of American commercials. Instead, what I got were things like these:

RIVERS commercials

Commercials for local radio stations (which apparently only white people listen to)

Commercials with wannabe gangstas selling cars

Commercials promoting bananas (guess that’s better than promoting prescription drugs! hi America)

Commercials promoting cereal for surfy beach kids who listen to commercialised Hip-Hop

Commercials promoting diapers based on an MC Hammer classic

Commercials promoting a sport called “netball” which I love about as much as I love Hitler

Trailers to shows like this:

And yes, even this:

And sadly, this:

Need I go on?

Man, I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss American television.


3 thoughts on “Aussie TV

  1. I think you’re forgetting all of the awesome ones like Rhonda and Ketutt and Compare the Market. Some of our TV is crap, yes… but it’s freaking awesome at the same time because it’s Aussie.

    1. Haha yeah…those ones. Thought I was being kind by not mentioning them. But anyway, you’ve missed the point. I just like to take the piss outta ya’ll. Frankly, I think Aussie anything is awesome strictly because “it’s Aussie.” 😉

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