My First December

I can hardly believe it’s been four years since I first arrived in Australia. Every December, I’m reminded of just how fresh and new everything was to me at the time; and to think that now I feel so “at home” here is something I didn’t expect.

I’m so grateful for all those who helped make this journey possible, making me feel welcome in my first month living abroad and all the months following. I was shown so much love by so many and I’m happy to say that a majority of those I met in my first few weeks continue to remain dear friends of mine–and yes, some are now even relatives!

Who knew my temporary one-year secondment in Sydney would turn into an entirely new life abroad? Life is such a beautifully unpredictable thing and as this year winds down, I’d like to take a brief pause and reflect on the past as I share with you the memories and experiences from my very first December in Australia.



2 thoughts on “My First December

  1. What a neat trip down memory lane. I remember some of those photos from the first time you shared them. To think you almost went to Scotland! I’m glad the Lord directs our steps!

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