Typical Australian Parking Signs

Who has time to make sense of this confusing mess? It’s like whoever is in charge of Sydney roads and transportation would rather confuse the shit out of everyday citizens so that they can slap them with a $280 parking fine for not reading the clearly posted curb signage. Oh California, how I miss you. There’s so many […]

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The Real Good

The morning of October 10, 2010, the sound of my alarm woke me up and for the first time, I didn’t hit the snooze button. That particular morning, I was excited to wake up early. My heart was full of joy and as I lay there alone for the last time of my single adult life, […]

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21 Things I Love About Australia

Not in any particular order, except for maybe the first two: How blue the sky is Coffee (it’s the best here and I don’t know why but it just is) Aboriginal culture Aussie slang and the social ease and frequency with using the “F” word Legal graffiti walls Lemon, Lime, and Bitters Ferry rides in Sydney Melbourne everything (except its weather) Gun […]

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VIVID Sydney 2014 Recap

It had been raining all week and we weren’t sure whether we’d make it out this year to see all of VIVID Sydney. But on this particular Saturday, the skies finally cleared up a bit and Matt & I decided to brave the cold winter night together with his mum. The evening turned out to be quite lovely […]

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